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Monetize Sales Using Order Confirmation Call Campaigns


Tom Johnson and Media Communications Corp. have been in the affiliate marketing industry for years now. They have helped advertisers take advantage of cutting edge campaigns that drive an additional 8% to monthly revenues. Delivery success rates are also increased through Welcome Call Campaigns  that let customers confirm their orders before delivery. A call center representative contacts the customer and after expressing gratitude and establishing a friendly call, the rep will then ask the customer if he or she would like to subscribe to a discounted plan. This upselling process through Order Confirmation Calls is cost-effective for advertisers and allows them to establish a good relationship with their customers, as well. Depending on a client’s preference, the call can take place on their own offices or in Media Communications Call Center.

Another advantage for advertisers and affiliate marketers who adapt Order Confirmation Calls is by determining fraudulent purchases early on. Both the advertiser and the customer are protected because they do not have to go through the hassle of getting charge backs from their credit card. The customer is also assured that the marketer has his best interest in mind and will even check the advertiser’s product or service which may eventually lead to an actual order. Indeed, it is a win-win transaction for advertisers who want to monetize sales using order confirmation call campaigns .


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