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How Order Confirmation Calls Work


You must have been hearing a lot about order confirmation calls, which are also known as Welcome Calls. It is the latest trend in online marketing strategy. For those of you who are thinking of trying out Tom Johnson and Media Communications Corp.’s order confirmation calls solutions, you might want to know more about how welcome calls work for your best interest.


An order confirmation call consist of a call made by a representative of MCC to a customer who has made a purchase of your product to verify the purchase made as well as promote it in the hope of making a second purchase. The first phase is devoted to identity authentication and purchase verification. In this phase, the call center agent asks the purchaser questions to make sure that the former had contacted the right person and if he or she actually made a purchase. If the customer answers in the affirmative, the agent will now proceed by verifying the payment method.


After all has been verified, the second phase is initiated. This phase is aimed at increasing profits by attracting buyers to make a second purchase of your products.  The agent will now make some offer to the purchaser with some special promos in the form of discounted prices as well as other perks just to entice them to make a second buy. These agents are specially trained to do their best to ensure a second purchase. It is a relatively simple and uncomplicated process yet highly effective in generating profits on your end. So wait no more, contact  media communications now!


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