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Ways to Upsell to Existing Customers


Retailers have been sprouting all over the Web which means competition is increasing every day. Add to it the economic challenges of most countries, then your online retail shop is likely suffering from heavy losses. I’ve even heard that a lot of retailers today already feel lucky to get break-even at least. However, they cannot go on like this for long; they have to devise new ways to turn in a profit without additional spending. How?

A cost-effective strategy to do that is through upselling. It almost costs nothing to get customers to purchase another item or a more expensive one, while being able to increase profits. There are some cases though that upselling can make your customers uncomfortable but when you do it properly, they should be able to see that you are merely helping them out. When you achieve this, they are most likely to return to your shop to make another purchase.

However, doing the upselling yourself might take up a lot of your precious time. This is when Media Communications Corp. comes in as we provide welcome calls that provide an effortless way to upsell any extra service or product you want to market to your existing customers. A call center representative simply makes a call to your buyer, ask for an order confirmation call and then proceed to offer any additional deal that you want to upsell. This process hits two birds with one stone:

First, the call gives your buyer the chance to confirm if he was really the one who placed an order thereby minimizing fraudulent transactions.

Second, you get the opportunity to sell another product or service while spending no additional marketing cost.

Moreover, the call center agent is highly trained to build rapport with your customer and make that upselling transaction a success. Definitely a win-win solution!


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