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A Personalized Approach to Increase Revenue

The main purpose of establishing a business is to gain profit. No one has invested in a venture that aims to suffer from loss. Thus, it is just logical that if you are engaged in any sort of trade, you are constantly searching for ways to earn more money. There is no rule saying that you should only engage in a single business strategy to gain more income. Different approaches can prove to be more productive rather than one so being innovative about marketing techniques and adapting different revenue streams is highly beneficial.

Traditional methods can still be used especially those which are proven to be effective and have stood the test of time. On the other hand, utilizing new and fresh ideas to advertise your products can be a change for the better that will capture the attention of your potential customers. Welcome Calls offered by theTom Johnson Media Communications Corp. are one of the effective ways to increase product awareness and business revenue.

This strategy is based on reaching a lot of potential clients on a more personal level through the communication made by call center agents. These calls in other words are personalized advertisements wherein the agents adjust the way they communicate to your clients depending on their perceived personality and priorities.

The human element in this interaction makes it an adaptable marketing strategy while maintaining some form of discipline by following the prescribed guideline in making the calls. A more customized approach plays a huge part in gaining your customers’ trust and loyalty. These factors usually lead to an increase in the number of new and repeat buyers that result to a gain in your profits.

The Value of Cross-Selling and Up-Selling

When making an order confirmation call or welcome call, there are two marketing strategies that come in handy while trying to clinch that sale, especially useful when dealing with an already existing customer base.

Cross-selling is defined by the action or practice of selling new products or services to an existing clientele. It is one sales approach that aims to convince customers by providing them with the necessary information regarding the new product. According to leading market sources, the objectives of cross-selling are two-fold. It can either aim to increase income from the customer or to protect the relationship between the client and the company. Such a proactive strategy intends to improve marketing and sales for the business.

Still, it is not without some potential risks. There is a possibility that the existing relationship with the client may discontinue. So it is essential that the additional product or service that is introduced improves the value that the client will receive from the organization.

Another sales approach is up-selling, which means suggesting additional options to the client that might not have been introduced before. It is actually an attempt to sell product add-ons or upgrades as to further increase sales.

One technique that will help up-selling is to research the customer being targeted. Their budget and lifestyle are important factors to consider in an order to make a better sale. This way, you have a better notion of the needs of the person you are selling to.

Another way is to create awareness over the durability of the product. This is where add-ons such as extended warranty and extra services come in. It offers peace of mind and more satisfaction for the customer.

With marketing strategies such as these, your business will receive both higher value sale and customer satisfaction.

The Etiquette of Welcome Calls

There is nothing more frustrating than getting a call in the middle of a meal or at the peak of your nap time on the weekend. Imagine this: you are lying down, trying to relax when suddenly an unexpected call comes in.

You answer the phone only to find out it is one of those order confirmation calls from the online shop you usually browse through. You speak impatiently as the agent leafs through their sales script. You end up canceling the purchase—all because you got annoyed when the call came in at the wrong time.

So what’s the lesson from this scenario for business owners?

If you are a marketer or running your own venture, make sure that your customers will not experience such a situation. You need to keep in mind the appropriate times of making welcome calls. Usually, business hours are acceptable for most clients. Keep in mind, however, that there are some who do not welcome calls at those times.

So if you must contact your customers, politely ask if you are not bothering them with your call or if they can spare a few minutes with you as you introduce a newly purchased product with them. If they turn you down, graciously ask about the possible times when they can accommodate you.

Evidently, if you want to make sure that your customers are treated well during order confirmation calls, partner with a sales call expert such as Media Communications Corp. a company that has expertise in addressing customers and dealing with them.

The Key to Greater Profit

Selling is the main purpose of doing business and profit is its upshot. However, the real challenge is what goes on between selling and gaining profit. In business, strategies and decisions are based on real probabilities and not on luck. If you want to achieve spiral figures going up on your revenue chart, you have to convince your customers to patronize your merchandise.

Proper communication paves the way to greater income. Hence, posters and advertisements are not enough tools to put your messages across your target market. You need something much better, more advanced, more useful and reliable, and provides immediate results.

This is when Tom Johnson Media Communications Corp. takes center stage as a very useful partner to receive immediate feedback from clients and directly influence the target market. However, one common problem arise among call center companies because most of the order confirmation calls, welcome calls, and other tasks do not seem to make better results. The root cause for such occurrence is failure to successfully upsell and cross sell.

The former means convincing customers to add new extra services or products on top of the services and items they have purchased to make additional sales. This type of selling strategy could change a huge curve or turnover on the revenue chart. The latter, on the other hand, is a selling practice that aims to sell additional products or services to existing or established clients.

The key is finding the right communication service provider that can help businesses sell and earn great profits and in this case, Media Communications Corp. can help you tremendously.