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Benefits of Welcome Calls and Order Confirmation Calls

Order confirmation calls have been generating buzz lately especially in the field of e-commerce. It has brought the method of doing commercials and ads to a whole new level. You might be wondering why it is raising the interests of many businessmen. Here are some of its practical uses and advantages that would surely interest you as well.

  1. Customized Services

Tom Johnson and Media Communications Corp. provide order confirmation calls services that are best suited to your commercial needs. You get the value for your money and not waste a cent. You have a say in how to implement and carry on the program so you maintain a degree of control. After all, it is your product and name they are selling. You get personalized services that is customized and most importantly, reasonably priced.

  1. Efficient and Hassle free

Even though the Welcome Call strategy is customized and you can take part in the planning process, it does not mean that you would have to do the work yourself. Tom Johnson Media Communications Corp. will do the job for you and they will do it excellently. Their knowledge and skills in matters of product promotion were honed and perfected through their long experience in this field.

  1. Instant Results

As opposed to other forms of advertisement which takes time to see results, using order confirmation calls and Welcome Calls get you instant results. You can immediately assess if it convinced a customer to purchase your products or avail of your services.

Ways to Upsell to Existing Customers

Retailers have been sprouting all over the Web which means competition is increasing every day. Add to it the economic challenges of most countries, then your online retail shop is likely suffering from heavy losses. I’ve even heard that a lot of retailers today already feel lucky to get break-even at least. However, they cannot go on like this for long; they have to devise new ways to turn in a profit without additional spending. How?

A cost-effective strategy to do that is through upselling. It almost costs nothing to get customers to purchase another item or a more expensive one, while being able to increase profits. There are some cases though that upselling can make your customers uncomfortable but when you do it properly, they should be able to see that you are merely helping them out. When you achieve this, they are most likely to return to your shop to make another purchase.

However, doing the upselling yourself might take up a lot of your precious time. This is when Media Communications Corp. comes in as we provide welcome calls that provide an effortless way to upsell any extra service or product you want to market to your existing customers. A call center representative simply makes a call to your buyer, ask for an order confirmation call and then proceed to offer any additional deal that you want to upsell. This process hits two birds with one stone:

First, the call gives your buyer the chance to confirm if he was really the one who placed an order thereby minimizing fraudulent transactions.

Second, you get the opportunity to sell another product or service while spending no additional marketing cost.

Moreover, the call center agent is highly trained to build rapport with your customer and make that upselling transaction a success. Definitely a win-win solution!

Better Sales in 2013 with Order Confirmation Calls

As the year is drawing to a close, everyone is busy consolidating all financial documents for the year-end reports. If you are an online affiliate marketer who suffered losses this year, you are not alone as the field of ecommerce continues to be very competitive.

So if you have plans to make it bigger next year, you should start making changes to your marketing strategies now. Here are some suggestions that will hopefully catapult your business to success in 2013, provided you apply them effectively.


Separating from Competitors

Let’s tackle competition head on. Since it is inevitable, you need not be the best among them, you can simply separate your offerings from competitors. How? Provide easier processes, faster results and greater guarantee. You also need to give the best personalized service as consumers are becoming meticulous with this aspect in purchasing. Welcome calls and Order Confirmation calls will definitely boost your client relationship so we recommend you give it a try.


In addition, push your unique advantage that is not present in what competitors are providing to your customers. Market that advantage more aggressively so that you are giving your target audience better reason to do business with you instead of others. When you do this effectively, your sales will go up automatically.


Highlighting the End-Results

Consumers are basically not after your service or product but more in getting the benefit that results from what you offer. So in your web pages, it is better that you highlight the end-result of what you are offering rather than how appealing they look. Order confirmation calls are again effective in achieving this as the call center agent who interacts with your customer knows how to highlight the advantages they get by buying more from your products.


Learn many more marketing strategies with Media Communications Corp.  for higher sales next year!

How Order Confirmation Calls Work

You must have been hearing a lot about order confirmation calls, which are also known as Welcome Calls. It is the latest trend in online marketing strategy. For those of you who are thinking of trying out Tom Johnson and Media Communications Corp.’s order confirmation calls solutions, you might want to know more about how welcome calls work for your best interest.


An order confirmation call consist of a call made by a representative of MCC to a customer who has made a purchase of your product to verify the purchase made as well as promote it in the hope of making a second purchase. The first phase is devoted to identity authentication and purchase verification. In this phase, the call center agent asks the purchaser questions to make sure that the former had contacted the right person and if he or she actually made a purchase. If the customer answers in the affirmative, the agent will now proceed by verifying the payment method.


After all has been verified, the second phase is initiated. This phase is aimed at increasing profits by attracting buyers to make a second purchase of your products.  The agent will now make some offer to the purchaser with some special promos in the form of discounted prices as well as other perks just to entice them to make a second buy. These agents are specially trained to do their best to ensure a second purchase. It is a relatively simple and uncomplicated process yet highly effective in generating profits on your end. So wait no more, contact  media communications now!

Creative, Effective and Cost-Efficient Welcome Calls

As our world becomes more hi-tech and modern in business dealings we also have to adjust to the constant changes and level up in our marketing strategy. Creativity, efficacy and cost-efficiency are now the main rules in product promotion and these can be implemented through welcome calls.


You have to be creative in your strategies and approach on how to sell your products. Find new ways to enhance your product’s value to draw attention from your prospective buyers and be sure that these will keep them interested. Welcome calls are creative ways of engaging your potential clients through personal interaction with them.


Welcome calls are proven effective because of its immediate feedback and results. You also decrease the incidence of fraud because of the buyer verification feature and increase the number of purchases through offering products at discounted prices and other promotional packages. Thanks to the verification procedure, you can be assured that the buyer is not posing as a fraud but a legitimate one ensuring that you are getting genuine sales. Plus, the secondary function of product offering through the process lets you increase the chances of a second purchase which means higher profit on your part.

Reasonable Cost

Tom Johnson and Media Communications Corp., offers cost effective solutions for the services they offer considering the benefits you derive from them. They provide tailored solutions to help their clients formulate the right approach and implement those solutions for better sales and customer satisfaction. Contact MCC today and see your online business soar to higher heights.

Minimum Effort and Expense for Greater Gains

Have you ever thought of a way of increasing your profit with minimum cost and effort on your part? To have income or gain profit, a lot of time, effort and dedication is required. This is applicable in every area of our life, most especially in our work or business. In business, you have to exert plenty of effort to become successful and make your own name in your chosen industry. No one has gone into business and succeeded just by slacking off or being idle. You work hard for it. However, there are ways and means to lighten your burden without compromising productivity. Succeeding in business does not require the use of brawn but of brains. You have to find the least troublesome ways to increase your profits that require the least effort and cost on your part. Look no further, Tom Johnson and Media Communications Corp. offers a way to increase profits with less cost and minimal effort on your part.


Convenient way of boosting profits

Investments are made in order to derive gains and profits. Investments always entail a form of risk. However, when you take advantage of Tom Johnson and Media Communications Corp.’s services for order confirmation calls, you are assured of greater revenue with minimal cost. Order confirmation calls are made by call center agents to purchasers of a product. The objectives of the call include the confirmation and verification of the purchaser’s identity, contact details, product and payment details and to offer special packages and discounted offers to the buyer. Consumer verification is an important tool in prevention of fraud and chargebacks. Usually, losses are incurred because of people posing as legitimate purchasers when in fact they are not. Through the calls made, you are able to segregate legitimate purchasers from the fraudulent ones. This way, your profits are assured. Once the purchase is confirmed, the agent will now offer the special packages and products at promo rates to entice the buyer. Consumers are easily attracted to deals deemed advantageous on their part. The emphasis on discounted rates or special offers made especially for them adds a personal touch making the offer very hard to refuse. If the sweet offer is accepted by the buyer, which is likely to happen, a second sale is made and this increases your profits. This is a simple and effective way of detecting fraud and increasing profits. By getting welcome call services, you protect yourself from fraud and ensure increased sales every month. It does not entail any major efforts on your part as Tom Johnson and Media Corp. does the job for you.





As compared to other forms of product promotion such as the usual print and TV advertisements, welcome calls solutions are not as expensive. To ensure higher revenue, you must save on your expenses. Choose services that deliver the same or better results for lesser cost. Order confirmation calls increase profitability while being cheaper than other methods as it is customized according to the profile and needs of the seller-client. Thus, this is a win-win strategy as you are not only increasing your profits with these effective marketing techniques, you are also lessening the expenses of running your business.

Boost Sales and Customer Satisfaction with Order Confirmation Calls

To create a lucrative business, you must have a good product and more importantly great rapport with your target audience. Marketing does not end once the client has placed an order. To create even bigger profits, one must go the extra mile. Going the extra mile means ensuring customer satisfaction, and that they will come back for more of your products and services. Customers must feel that they are the priority and that you are grateful for their patronage. The saying the customer is always right is derived from the long-standing fact that what keeps your business alive are the customers.

Now, your question would be how can you let your customers feel that you really care for them? One of the most popular ways of increasing customer satisfaction is through Order Confirmation Calls. With this marketing technique, a call center representative will place a call to the person who already ordered from you, the seller, to confirm the purchase and to offer enticing deals at a discount to the buyer. Tom Johnson Media Communication Corp is a leader in this field which have helped many clients boost sales. Through online confirmation calls, the customers will be more at ease to deal business with you because it gives a sense of security and legitimacy to your business. Aside from this, it also increases profit because during the follow-up call, more deals at a discount are offered, and the customers will be attracted to add something to their purchase because of the discount. For sellers, they will be protected from fraudulent clients and they will most likely tell their friends about how reliable their online transaction has been with you.

Welcome Call Campaigns with Tom Johnson Media Communications

Welcome to Tom Johnson Media Communications where advertisers and online affiliate marketers learn how to get an additional revenue stream without paying a fortune. If you are currently looking to expand your customer base while retaining those existing ones, you have come to the right place. How will Tom Johnson Media Communications make that possible? What are the procedures that will be involved in Welcome Call Campaigns? It is actually a straightforward process of call center agents contacting people who have placed orders. After thanking the customer and confirming that he indeed would like the item shipped to his home, the agent will then ask if he would be interested for other upselling options. The agent is trained to provide sales pitches that are sure to pique the interest of the customer and can decide right there and then if he wants to make an additional purchase or simply sign up for a free subscription. The whole transaction is very convenient for the customer because his additional purchase can then be shipped along with his original order.

As for the advertiser or affiliate marketer, Order Confirmation Calls is equally convenient too. You will get to enjoy higher revenue, maintain great customer satisfaction and less returns – all without the hassle and cost that goes with adapting a whole new marketing strategy. In short, Tom Johnson Media Communications lets you focus on what is more important in running a business such as improving products and services while letting you leave the nitty-gritty to the experts.

Monetize Sales Using Order Confirmation Call Campaigns

Tom Johnson and Media Communications Corp. have been in the affiliate marketing industry for years now. They have helped advertisers take advantage of cutting edge campaigns that drive an additional 8% to monthly revenues. Delivery success rates are also increased through Welcome Call Campaigns  that let customers confirm their orders before delivery. A call center representative contacts the customer and after expressing gratitude and establishing a friendly call, the rep will then ask the customer if he or she would like to subscribe to a discounted plan. This upselling process through Order Confirmation Calls is cost-effective for advertisers and allows them to establish a good relationship with their customers, as well. Depending on a client’s preference, the call can take place on their own offices or in Media Communications Call Center.

Another advantage for advertisers and affiliate marketers who adapt Order Confirmation Calls is by determining fraudulent purchases early on. Both the advertiser and the customer are protected because they do not have to go through the hassle of getting charge backs from their credit card. The customer is also assured that the marketer has his best interest in mind and will even check the advertiser’s product or service which may eventually lead to an actual order. Indeed, it is a win-win transaction for advertisers who want to monetize sales using order confirmation call campaigns .

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